Walk-in Tubs Give Freedom And Independence Back

If you considered a walk-in tub an impossibility in your life due to affordability, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out walk-in tubs could be available for you.

Those that do own these tubs have enjoyed the ease of use, safety, and joint and muscle healing benefits that owning a walk-in tub brings. Walk In Bathtubs are becoming an important investment for those over 60 – while they aren’t cheap, they are a vital part of living independently, and can even save money in the long term. It’s no wonder that more and more people in the US are rushing to buy a walk-in bathtub.

We believe that walk-in tubs should be more widely affordable. They are crucial for a safe, comfortable, and lengthy at-home residence.

Benefits of a new walk-in tub

A standard tub has massive problems. They simply weren’t designed to be used by adults frequently. They’re too low, small, and don’t contour to our bodies. Statistics say that falls occur in your bathroom more often than in any other room in your house. Installing a walk-in tub will prevent unexpected falls in the bathroom!

  • Get peace of mind – by avoiding dangerous, slippery showers ( walk-in tubs have additional bars, holders, seats, surfaces)
  • Keep your independence – by not relying on help in the bathroom
  • Install a quick-draining bath – so you don’t have to wait for the tub to empty
  • Choose a tub to suit you – with different tubs and add-ons available (including water jets and aromatherapy among others), you’re sure to find your perfect tub!
  • Includes a lifetime warranty for the seal – so you can always keep your independence in the bathroom.

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Remember, there are no obligations or hidden fees, just a custom walk-in tub offer for you or your loved one.

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