Study: 86% Of Women Don’t Like Hairy Backs! This New Device Has Got You Covered

ATTENTION: This revolutionary and patented shaving technology finally allows men to get rid of all the hair on their body within minutes. Forget about shaving creams, painful waxing or becoming a contortionist when you try to shave your back! The BAKBLADE 2.0 is the first do-it-yourself back shaver that actually works!
A recent survey done by a leading women magazine shows that while women are in general fine with hair on a men’s chest, they absolutely dislike hairy backs. 86% of women indicated that they find it kind of disgusting.
Thankfully there is now an easy and cheap solution to that problem. BAKBLADE© 2.0 Back & Body Shaver is designed to offer the quickest, smoothest and most important – PAIN-FREE – shave on the planet! The BAKBLADE© 2.0 is extremely easy to use and feels more like a backscratcher, not a razor. From now on, you won’t leave hairy patches behind!

What Is It?

The BAKBLADE 2.0 was developed by Chicago-based entrepreneur Matt Dryfhout. Himself suffering form a lot of hair growth on his body, Matt was looking for an easy and cheap solution to shave its body. Most important he wanted to do with no help from his partner. So he developed BAKBLADE 2.0, an ergonomically designed shaver with a flexible handle and extra big, patented DryGlide blades that allow you to reach every body part and get the smoothest shave within minutes!

How Does It Work?

Here are the 3 key elements that makes BAKBLADE© 2.0  unique:

  • The ergonomic S-shaped handle can be gripped from multiple position and thanks to its unique shape lets you easily shave those commonly hard to achieve areas on your back. Also, the BAKBLADE folds in half for easy storage!
  • The 3.5“ wide DryGlide Blades can now cover 3 times more in one stroke than with your average razor. Each blade lasts for 5-7 shaves and can be replaced in just 10 seconds!
  • Detach the blades from the handle and you easily shave other ares of your body, like your arms or your chest – achieve the perfect all-over grooming!

BAKBLADE© 2.0 doesn’t need batteries or charging so it really can be used everywhere and every time.

Why Choose BAKBLADE?

BAKBLADE© 2.0 is the only do-it-yourself shaver that lets you shave your whole body. It will save you hundreds of dollars a year as the blades are ultra durable and device costs little to nothing compared to expensive waxing or laser treatments.

BAKBLADE© 2.0 is by far the most ingenious grooming gadget you’ll come across! Also the blades are designed in a way that you can shave wet or dry.

BEST PART: Women will love it and you’ll be less sweaty too.

Where Can I Get Mine?

It’s easy! You can buy BakBlade 2.0 directly from the website.

After 400,000 sales, men are more than happy with their purchase:

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