Shave That Hairy Back in Just 5 Minutes — With No Stubble


After 400,000 Sales, BakBlade Announces New and Improved 2.0 Version!

BAKBLADE© 2.0 Back & Body Shaver is designed to offer the quickest, smoothest and most important – PAIN-FREE – shave on the planet! The BAKBLADE© 2.0 is extremely easy to use and feels more like a backscratcher, not a razor. From now on, you won’t leave hairy patches behind!

Forget about shaving creams, painful waxing or becoming a contortionist when you try to shave your back!

All men should pay attention to this:

None of us like having back hair. It’s embarrassing at the gym or at the pool, and also more than 70% of woman find it a major turn-off!

If you want to look and feel like a well-kept man, you should consider owning a Bakblade! You’ll never find anything like the BAKBLADE© 2.0 on the market!

Your back hair (or any body hair) will fall off like magic without using cream or foam! The new and improved BAKBLADE© 2.0 only costs $29.99!

Shave Your Back Hair in 5 Minutes — Without Having to Ask for Help

Other back hair removal solutions are ineffective. It’s not easy to reach your entire back, so razors, shavers, and creams have proven to be time-consuming and almost never gave you the clean shave you were looking for. 

We don’t have to mention the painful process of waxing, or the expensive laser hair removal…

Look no further! The New and Improved BakBlade will give you a clean shave without irritation or pain!

The original Bakblade was a huge success! Over 75% of 2,200 Amazon reviewers rated the product with 5 stars.

What’s So Special With The New BAKBLADE? 


Here are the 3 key elements that makes BAKBLADE© 2.0  unique:

  • The ergonomic S-shaped handle can be gripped from multiple position and thanks to its unique shape lets you easily shave those commonly hard to achieve areas on your back. Also, the BAKBLADE folds in half for easy storage!
  • The 3.5“ wide DryGlide Blades can now cover 3 times more in one stroke than with your average razor. Each blade lasts for 5-7 shaves and can be replaced in just 10 seconds!
  • Detach the blades from the handle and you easily shave other ares of your body, like your arms or your chest – achieve the perfect all-over grooming!

That’s what makes BakBlade 2.0 so great. It makes shaving pain-free and feels more like a back scratcher for only $29.99. That’s the total price for your BAKBLADE© 2.0 and two DryGlide razors.

Using BAKBLADE© 2.0 will spare you a considerable amount of money! And you’ll never have to ask for help with it again.

BONUS – the BAKBLADE© 2.0 can be used both wet or dry!

BAKBLADE© 2.0 is by far the most ingenious grooming gadget you’ll come across! Also, it doesn’t require batteries and doesn’t need electrical power!

Where Can I Get Mine?

It’s easy! Check out the official site to see if it’s available!

Limited-Edition Elite Bundle

Best Deal: You can get the BakBlade Elite Bundle for only $49.99 with FREE shipping.

What’s included:

  • 9 DryGlide Blades (a $30 value!)
  • 1 BAKJACKET Scrubbing Sleeve — put some soap on the scrubbing sleeve to easily clean those hard-to-reach areas
  • 1 Cleaning Brush — clean your blades after every use, in order to extend their life
  • 1 Wall Mount — don’t leave your razor on the shower floor
Don’t Forget:
Free shipping is available on BAKBLADE 2.0 ELITE bundle!
This is the real value deal!