Say goodbye to hot flashes and sleepless nights thanks to one new product…

When was the last time you enjoyed a good night’s sleep? Whether you suffer from night sweats, aches, and pains, or general feelings of hot, sweaty discomfort, you will find one product can help. SleepCool is offering restless walking zombies the opportunity to sleep soundly – all with a cooling gel pillow to provide sweet relief.

It’s literally changing the way we sleep!

We are always skeptical about products that actively claim they will “change your life”. After all, can any product actually do that? We had a few of our readers get in touch to tell us about a product they swear by called SleepCool. They said it’s made them more productive, less sluggish, and has offered a boost in energy they didn’t know was possible. We, naturally, were suspicious, so decided to order a few for our team and try them out for themselves. Let’s just say the results were more than a little bit surprising.

What is SleepCool?

SleepCool is a pillow you can either use as a standalone pillow or insert within a pillowcase with your own pillow. It features SleepCool™ Gel which directs heat away from your head and body, all the while promoting a much more comfortable sleeping position.

We find a common problem that keeps us awake at night is the heat. During summer, it’s even worse. You spend hours flipping the pillow to find the “cool” side, all the while battling with one leg in the bed and one leg out of it. After a single night of use in summer, we found this gel pillow changed all that. As you can put it in the refrigerator before you use it, the coolness and freshness are apparent for hours, meaning you get a restful night’s slumber without waking up wanting to flip your pillow.

Why is it so popular?

As we began talking to more and more people, we came to realize his pillow really is changing lives, but we wanted to know why. According to our research, the major factor is its versatility. Not only can you use this cloth and PVC pillow for a better night’s sleep, but its uses are also far-reaching. If you’re suffering from aches and pains, you can use it as a cooling pad and wrap it around limbs. What’s more, if you’re using a laptop with a hot base, you can set it on the pillow on your lap to cool it down. 

Who would have thought one pillow could do all that? Night sweats, overheating electronics and aches and pains could all be a thing of the past. We’re excited to find out what this gel cooling pillow means for people.


The features that pack a punch

If our words and experience are not enough to convince you of the benefits then maybe the opinions of our readers will. We got back in touch with those who contacted us initially and found out why people like SleepCool for themselves.
  • Durability – features cloth and PVC to last the distance
  • Easy to use and portable –  you can use it with your pillow, AS your pillow, and it fits within a regular pillowcase
  • SleepCool™ Gel – technologically advanced gel which redistributes your body heat, keeping your head and body cool for a better night’s sleep
  • Versatile – not only suitable for sleeping, but for hot flushes, night sweats, overheating electronic devices, aches and pains, and even headaches

I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night. Until last night SleepCool turned me from a sleepless zombie into a functioning person again.

Inside the box:

We didn’t see this coming…

Representatives from SleepCool sent us an email last week after the publication of this review. They’ve kindly offered to give our readers a 50% discountoff their product, as well as multiple-purchase discounts and free worldwide shippingAct Nowwhile stocks last!

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