New Tax Law Preserves Washington D.C.’s #1 Retirement Loophole

Tax bills…

Budget deals…

Loopholes for their private jets…

It’s no secret.

Everybody knows politicians rig the system in their favor.

But less than 1% of people realize how Washington D.C. has rigged retirement—and left you out in the cold.

Look closely at the official government document below.

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Even as a financial insider—a former Wall Street VP and founder of a hedge fund—I’d never seen anything like it before.

Its official designation is SF 2801.

But to insiders, it’s simply called an “Application for Immediate Retirement.”

It grants Washington D.C. Elites immediate access to an obscure yet lucrative Social Security alternative… so lucrative, that one monthly benefit is equal to a whole year’s worth of Social Security checks.*

The reason most ordinary Americans know nothing about D.C.’s #1 Retirement Loophole is because, as the New York Times says, this “rarely emerges in public.”

And the Des Moines Register says it’s “shrouded in secrecy.”

But now, thanks in part to the new Tax Act, everyday Americans have discovered a way to collect an “Immediate Retirement” fortune every month as well.

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*Disclaimer: These results may not be typical. All investing involves risk. You should never invest more than you’re prepared to lose.