New Plan Protects Homeowners From Expensive AC Repairs

It’s incredible how many homeowners get stuck paying enormous AC bills right when they have the most need to cool down their homes. Let’s be honest: nowadays AC and heating manufacturers basically build these things to break down in a couple years! Don’t believe us? Google “planned obsolescence” and you’ll be shocked.

Smart homeowners have figured out they don’t need to wait until the thing breaks down and pay costly repairs. There’s an amazing insurance plan that’s still unknown to many: Total Home Protection. Not only does it cover AC and heating repairs, but they’ll make sure you NEVER pay for appliance failures, furnace breakdowns, roofing issues and so much more!

Often times, new homeowners are offered a 1 or 2-year home warranty plan when they purchase a home. This is generally a huge plus for the home buyer because it takes away the stress of having to pay for likely issues that might come up during the first year or two of owning the home. Issues such as a broken refrigerator or dishwasher aren’t fun to deal with. Or how about a broken furnace or air conditioner? These would likely cost $1,000s of dollars to fix!

Luckily, homeowners now have the option to get a home warranty plan anytime after they bought their home. Even if you’ve lived there for 20 years, you can still get your own home warranty plan that will cover the cost of many unforeseen home repairs!

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