New Jersey Approves Program to Help Middle-Class Families Make The Switch to Solar at No Cost Down

(NEW JERSEY) – If you’re a New Jersey resident, 2018 could be the year you finally power your home using solar energy. Solar technology has made massive advancement and the Federal Government is working to ensure that you enjoy the benefits that come with this. This is through The Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit program. Americans can now install solar in their homes at remarkable affordable rates, and will help you slash your utility bills by about $1,560 annually.

However, you have to take the opportunity while it lasts.

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Major Boost For The Middle class 
The Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit Program is the ideal middle class stimulus package. Few people actually know this. Think about your average monthly electricity bill. Do you pay an average of $100 each month or even more depending on how much your home appliances consume during different seasons? If your answer is yes, you’re the ideal candidate for this program. The Government wants you to enjoy the benefits that come with using renewable solar energy while at the same time conserve the environment. You get to save more money and also create jobs for fellow Americans. By embracing this program, you’ll enjoy the following incentives which utilities would do their best to prevent you from having.

– You can choose to get a home solar loan and have solar installations done with NO UPFRONT cost
– Get lower rates through PPA programs and zero dollar down lease agreements
– Pay cash and incur no interest allowing you to get an almost immediate decrease in your monthly energy bills

These are benefits you would miss out on if you continue paying monthly bills to utilities. They enjoy milking money from your pockets and if they want more, they simply increase the rates. You can get a better deal in 2018, which also provides the opportunity of making money by selling power to the grid, so act now.

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Don’t Wait For Solar To Get Cheaper 
No one would have thought solar would be as cheap as it is today. It costs well over 90% less to install solar in your home than when this technology came into the field. If you wait for it to get even cheaper, you’ll have to speculate on technological advancement. This might take years to make major strides meaning you would have missed out on this great program. According to, Solar technology like computers was inefficient and expensive in its initial years. Today, the potential of solar energy is being realized in ordinary households. The cost of a solar panel is a fraction of what it was during initial years. It has become quite affordable for the average homeowner. All that’s needed is a sufficient supply of sunlight, information of which is readily available for free from a solar technician. Besides cutting down on energy costs and preserving the environment, some homeowners are making money by selling excess solar generated power back to the grid.

According to ProjectAmerica.Org, Utilities in most states have been directed by the Government to pay more incentives to homeowners for solar installations. You can really get cash back from your utility rather than the other way around. However, this hasn’t gone down well with the utilities and they will try their best to fight this directive. Paying you to install solar to them is bad for business. That’s one of the reasons why you must make good of this program now before any unpredicted developments occur. If you’re in the middle class, you’ve probably missed out on highly beneficial packages. The time to install renewable solar is now. Enjoy the low rates provided in the program before it expires and cut down on your expenses.

How To Benefit From These Incentives Now
You can get information from free websites that are dedicated to connecting homeowners and solar energy specialists within your state. These sites also allow you to get free quotes from local solar dealers and compare among them before you select the best. You can also learn more about the incentives attached to residential solar installations within your area.

By having solar installed in your home today, you can be sure of enjoying these two benefits: 
First, you can save an average of over $100 each month. Solar installation can cut down on your monthly utility bills by a large amount.
Second, you will protect yourself from utility rates increases. Remember, for utilities to make more money, they won’t invest in a new program that’s beneficial to you. They’ll simply hike their utility rates which means more money out of your pocket each month. Simply put, the incentives that come with the program are simply too hard to miss out on. You save more, protect your future income and make money.

Solar energy is often overlooked by many people as the best option when it comes to cutting down on monthly energy bills and even getting some money back from utilities. It’s a great way to conserve the environment and provide employment.

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