GB – Insanely Cool Gadgets That Are Going To Sell Out This Year

We decided to put together an updated list of products that hit huge sales through all 2018, and we’re absolutely confident that the following 21 products are going to be selling like crazy  this holiday season! If you wanted, you could do ALL your holiday shopping just from this list – for you and also your family!

With the amount of new products coming out every day, it’s no wonder you probably haven’t heard about some of these! Simply click the links in the article if you want to learn more about them or buy them. There’s a product for everyone in this list!

1. Energix Charger – Fix Your Phone’s Battery Life

If you’re considering upgrading to a new phone just because your old one is draining its battery like crazy, you should read this!  This charger has been my saving grace!. Before I would charge my phone the entire night only for it to drain back to 0% after a few hours. Without getting the latest phone on the market, I purchased this thin adapter that turned my phone into a wireless charging device. It feels like I got a new phone!

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2. Dodow – Practice Good Sleep Habits

Isn’t it amazing how technology seems to have improved just about every aspect of our lives – EXCEPT sleep?!  But when it comes to improving our sleep habits, it’s like we’re stuck in the stone ages and we are still relying on toxic sleeping pills and supplements. Getting enough sleep is important to managing pain and promoting healing, so practice good habits to help you get a healthy amount of sleep.

Are you tired to always say “I have no energy, feel tired all the time” or I’m so tired my body and head actually hurt” ? This is about to CHANGE! There’s a new little device out of Europe that everyone’s talking about. Even some of the brightest and busiest minds in Silicon Valley are using it to relax and clear their minds so they can fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Dodow projects a soft blue light on your ceiling. The color blue has a natural calming effect which makes you sleepy. Dodow’s light signal is too dim to have any impact on the secretion of melatonin. Dodow’s blue light will not delay your sleep; on the contrary, it has been shown that exposure to blue reduces stressYou’re basically forced to stop thinking and just relax – the perfect state to quickly fall asleep.

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3. HeatBuddy – Heat A Room In Minutes (And Save $100’s)

Days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. After a long and hot summer, you need to be ready for a cold winter. You don’t want to get caught in the middle of a snowstorm, bundled up with 4 layers of clothing wishing you had your own HeatBuddy. You don’t need to invest in big heating systems! This little smart invention can heat up an entire room in under 20 minutes. Portable and with adjustable settings, HeatBuddy helps you and your family make life easier one room at a time!

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4. PhotoStick — Find All Your Lost Photos on Your Computer

Have you ever had your computer crash only to realize that you’ve lost some of your photos and videos? Or maybe you signed into your cloud backup only to find you’re missing precious photos and videos? That’s why this neat gadget called the Photostick is currently one of the top purchased products worldwide. But don’t just think about getting it for yourself, it makes the perfect gift for anyone who has a slight distrust for computers. With new computer viruses emerging everyday and hackers gaining access to computers around the world, this is the perfect solution to making sure your photos & videos are protected… It’s the ONLY product of its kind that makes saving up to 60,000 photos and videos painless, and completely hassle free! It’s a small thumb drive that you just plug into your Mac or PC and it will automatically start. You just open the program and click ‘GO’ and it’ll automatically scan your entire computer and save every single photo and home video and back them up to the PhotoStick. That’s how simple it is. 

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17. Super Boost WiFi – Stay Connected In Any Corner Of Your Home

Imagine getting home after long day and you’ve been looking forward to your favorite time of the day. Just you, your phone, and the internet. Nothing is more annoying when you’re finally comfortable on your sofa and the WiFi doesn’t quite reach your living room. First world problems? Maybe. With the Wi-Fi booster, you can make sure your home is covered from corner to corner. Don’t let this simple problem get in the way of your free time!

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7. BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags – The Gift of Good Smells

How many times have you tried to get that musty smell out of an old coat from the attic? How about sweaty gym clothes that, no matter how many times you wash them, never seem to smell fresh? Shoe rack? Clean. Trash can area? Clean. Laundry hamper? Clean. Hang up this bad boy and you’ve got a fresh room for two years. These small, eco-friendly sachets  work with activated bamboo charcoal to wick out moisture from the air and instantly absorb unpleasant aromas, banishing bacteria and mold..

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21. FIXD – Save $1,000s In Costly Car Repairs

Everyone loves to pretend to know all about cars, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a little help now and then. Have you ever gone to an auto repair shop for an oil change, only to have the mechanic say you need a new transmission? Or has the mysterious “check engine” light come on, and next thing you know the mechanic has a list of expensive engine parts that need replacing? Unfortunately, mechanics know taking advantage of people is easy, given their lack of knowledge about car maintenance needs.

But there’s a new device you can carry with you in your car to tell you exactly what’s wrong with it. If you own a car built after 1996 then you can use this brilliant new device called Fixd to instantly diagnose any car problems. This means the next time your “Check Engine Light” happens to come on, you’ll know exactly what the issue is and the Mechanics won’t be able to lie to you! Your dad will be able to use the Fixd device to make sure he gets a good deal on repairs.

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11. Sleep Cool – A Perfect Night’s Sleep For Hot Sleepers

Imagine the feeling of being unable to sleep, fidgeting around because it’s just too hot, then flipping the pillow over and burying your face in a calming cool wave of relieving refreshment. Now imagine an entire night of only that cool sensation, lulling you to sleep. This new device promises to deliver just that – a better night’s sleep which has been scientifically proven to improve your cognition, mood, and overall performance. Even if you don’t think you “need it”, try it for a week and see how much better you feel.

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Tigress Alert

This simple keychain can save your life. Fitting in the size of your palm, this extra layer of security roars an ear-splitting alarm (130 dB) that scares off attackers and calls for help. Even if you’re walking to your car in an empty dimly lit parking lot, you’re never really alone. Stop fearing for your personal safety and experience why 93,000+ women are calling this simple device their “invisible bodyguard.”Order today and get up to 75% off while supplies last.

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13. AudiPlus 247 – Modern Discreet In-Ear Hearing Aids

The future of hearing devices is here! These precision engineered hearing aids are the most discreet (almost entirely in-ear) to ever come out. Old hearing aids would just make sounds louder… these hearings aids also make sounds clearer. They use minicomputers to analyze, pick up, and filter noise automatically. Whether in a busy restaurant or listening to grandkids, this is definitely the best hearing system you can get. Sign Up to receive more information about these one-of-a-kind hearing aids.

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14. BackHero – Straighten Your Spine and Fix Your Back Pain

We’re 3 decades into desk-dominated workplaces, and now there are millions of back pain-afflicted workers with hunched shoulders and poor posture. Now there’s a simple invention that maintains proper posture and back health without expensive trips to the chiropractor. Think of it as a corset for your back that fixes spinal pain, sore muscles, and general back pain. Happy users even tell us they get fewer headaches! Give it a shot now, wear it for a few days, and feel amazing, satisfaction guaranteed BackHero – a 100% natural product – promises to relieve you of your back pain with no chemical risk at all. BackHero, a magnetic posture support aid, is changing the way in which people sit, stand, and walk for the benefit of their spine!

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15. ViZR – Turn A Smartphone Into A Heads Up Display

Get your dad into the future with this new gadget! This brilliant device turns your smartphone into a heads up display for your car. It’s called VIZR – and although it was only just released, it’s taken the Internet by storm. All you have to do is take it out of the box and place it on your dash, place your smartphone on top of it and let it do all the navigating while you drive. 

It’s a transparent display that works in any weather, day or night. It also fits any smartphone no matter the size, and it’s slip resistant. Best of all, there are multiple apps available that you can install on your smartphones and see traffic conditions, a speedometer, street maps & much more. You can use it in any car – it has an ultra-grip mat that leaves no residue on the dash. ViZR is not just another clever car gadget, it’s the future of driving! Navigating while you drive just got more convenient, safer and a whole lot cooler! We can see this being one of the most purchased gadgets this year, so check it out while it’s still available.

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