Financial Guru Surprised Donahue With His Predictions in 1978. And They Came True

Back in 1978, a young Doug Casey emerged as an unlikely hero to investors who wanted the brutal truth about the trends shaping America.

His New York Times bestseller, Crisis Investing, identified these trends with a series of predictions that shocked and angered everyone from mainstream “experts” to armchair critics.

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With Prediction for America

He even stunned popular talk show host Phil Donahue and millions of viewers on live TV with some of his boldest claims.

And in a recent interview, Casey pulled no punches when he said, “Political correctness is ruining America.”

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But he wasn’t contrarian just to get attention.

He had “skin in the game” and made millions betting against the mainstream…

  • He bet that stock in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream would fall and walked away with a fortune when that’s exactly what happened
  • He placed a large bet on nuclear fuel in a legendary play that went up over 80,000%
  • And he’s predicted every single major market movement since the 70s, including the Reagan bull market of the 80s, the Dot-com crash of 2000, and the housing crisis in 2008

Casey has go on to invest in over 1,000 companies… traveling the world to visit over 170 countries in the process…

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But the most surprising aspect of his career is how the predictions he made back in Crisis Investing(and subsequent editions) have turned out to be eerily accurate…

  • He forecast rising gold prices (gold at the time cost just $275 an ounce!)
  • He warned against out of control banks with reckless lending practices (like the kind that triggered the 2008 crisis)
  • He foresaw the economic changes that would one day cripple companies like General Motors and Sears

Abandoned Sears stores like this are now appearing across the country | Photo by Chad Gillenwater/Flickr

Today, Doug Casey is more reclusive, splitting his time between Aspen and a mountain retreat in South America (which he equipped with a professional grade golf course and luxury spa).

Yet, he hasn’t lost his strange talent for accurately predicting world events well before they happen.

Recently Doug sat down for a rare talk about modern America…

What followed was a series of brutally honest revelations about everything from immigration… to political correctness (which he calls a “tsunami of raw sewage”)… to where the next stock millionaires will be made (it’s not going to be in digital assets)…

…to a new prediction that could affect your money, your lifestyle, and this country in ways few could have guessed…

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