Easily Shave Your Entire Back (Even the Hard to Reach Spots!)

Are you tired of wasting a lot of your time in the bathroom every other day trying to have a smooth back? For millions of men around the world, unwanted back hair is a sad reality. Lack of self-confidence can affect how you think and act, how you feel about others and how successful you are in life.

All men should pay attention to this:

According to a study by manscipated.com, a whooping 70% women find back hair a major turn-off! For this percentage of women, the less hair the better, no matter where that hair may be! You should ask yourself – Does the woman in your life REALLY like your hairy back?

Well, your problem has now the best solution! Meet BAKBLADE© 2.0 – the most cutting edge DIY back groomer that’s changing the way men shave their body. You’ll never find anything like the BAKBLADE© 2.0 on the market! Your back hair (or any body hair) will fall off like magic!

What Is It?

BAKBLADE© 2.0 Back & Body Shaver is specifically designed to offer the quickest, smoothest and most important – PAIN-FREE – shave on the planet! The BAKBLADE© 2.0 is extremely easy to use and feels more like a backscratcher, not a razor.

Why Other Methods Don’t Work:

  • Razor-blade Shavers – you can’t do it yourself, the process takes forever and you risk painful cuts!
  • Trimmers – leave stubble!
  • Waxing – very painful and can cause you an allergic reaction!
  • Laser hair removal – too expensive!
  • Chemicals – may cause you rashes!
  • Asking your partner – too embarrassing!

How Does It Work?

The ergonomic S-shaped handle can be gripped from multiple position and thanks to its unique shape lets you easily shave those commonly hard to achieve areas on your back. From now on, you won’t leave hairy patches behind!

Thanks to the 3.5“ wide DryGlide Blades, you can now cover 3 times more in one stroke than with your average cartridge razor. Each blade lasts for 5-7 shaves and can be replaced in just 10 seconds!

Plus, if you want to shave other ares of your body, like your arms or your chest, you can easily remove the blade section from the handle and get the perfect all-over grooming!


BONUS – the BAKBLADE© 2.0 can be used both wet or dry!

BAKBLADE© 2.0 is by far the most ingenious grooming gadget you’ll come across! Also, it doesn’t require batteries and doesn’t need electrical power!helper.

is the only do-it-yourself shaver that gives you a chance to shave your entire body in under 10 minutes!