5 Investments Smart People Are Making This Week

Things change extremely fast. Only years ago TV was the only way to get real-time information and nowadays almost everyone is getting all their news on their phone, which by the way, is faster than yesterday’s supercomputers.

Investors who don’t keep up with trends will soon find their portfolios are outdates and their retirement in jeopardy.

Stay informed with our curated list of trends that smart investors are following in 2018. Click on each one to get in-depth information.

1. “Freedom Checks” Will Make Some People Very Financially Comfortable











This type of cash grab comes once in a lifetime and those who get informed on time will be ahead of the pack. $34,6 billion payout is being handed out and pretty much anyone paying taxes in the US can participate. Net worth, age, sex – none of these matter. People will individually collect $24,075 and even up to $160,923. There’s a catch: the deadline is May 1st.


2. The “Kennedy Loophole” Is Finally Exposed And People Are Becoming Millionaires

See how people are using this secret to potentially turn a small stake into as much as $1.19 million starting April 28th. This is Wall Street’s best kept secret and you can put as much or as little as you want into these accounts.

Nothing in the markets are guaranteed however, but these findings are quite impressive. Does making 511 times the profit of a regular 401(k) sound like something you might be interested in?


3.  Tiny Device Is The Greatest Innovation in History – Bigger Than PCs, Tablets and Phones COMBINED



A tiny device is predicted to quickly become the revolution investors have been waiting for. About 50 Billion (yes, with a B) devices will use this technology by 2020. Early investors will reap massive rewards and it’s not too late.


4. People Will Get Rich Thanks to Marijuana



There’s no doubt that the legalisation trend is here to stay and our neighbour Canada will be set with a full-scale pot industry by July 1st 2018. There are lots of really cheap stocks at the moment, but that will change soon. Time’s running out for the little guy to catch the gravy train.



5.  Crypto Markets Become Tough But You Can Still Make Millions

There were MANY millionaires made in 2017 and although things have cooled down since there is still a ton of easy money to be made by the average Joe. You will, however, need the right advice and framework. You can even get started with $20.