3 Eerie Stock Market Facts

1. The Media Helps Wall Street Make Money

If you invest, you know that no one can predict how the market will move. Or can they?

In fact, large mainstream media companies may be helping Wall Street banks do just that.

According to a report by CNBC, at least one large media company has allowed traders to see breaking news items before the general public.

Imagine that new data shows that steel exports are suddenly soaring. The news is going to send steel stocks soaring.

But wait…5 minutes before the general public learn of this, a few private “subscribers” have already gotten this data and placed trades on those same steel stocks profiting as the rest of America catches on.

To outsiders, it looks like those traders knew the future. And they did.

2. Every Major Crash Since 1986 Was Predicted Well Ahead of Time

Trading floor after a major market crash

What if you had known about every crash since the 80s before it happened? Impossible?

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A reclusive group of multi-millionaires based in Florida has warned Americans before every major crash of the past three decades.

To name just a few of this group’s predictions:

  • In 2000, they warned that the Dot-Com bubble was about to burst. Months later the NASDAQ began a 77% collapse.

“95% of Internet deals will go to 0…the utter insanity of the dot-com bubble will have people shaking their heads in a few years”

  • In 2007, they called the 2008 financial crisis.

“stocks are almost certainly in a bear market…chances are much better that stocks will drop another 50% from here than gain 50%”

  • In 2017, they warned Americans right before bitcoin’s huge 50% drop.

“One thing’s for sure, it’s not the time to be buying more bitcoin. [It] could soar to $100,000 and make a liar out of me. I hope it does…but I doubt it.”

The group, called Casey Research, counts nearly 100,000 private members.

3. The Highest Stock Gain Ever Recorded?

The founder of that Florida group, and the man who made those predictions, is also the subject of the third fact on this list.

Multi-millionaire Doug Casey is known for his New York Times best-sellers, as well as his work predicting major booms and busts in the stock market.

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He is also known for his famous “Paladin play”: an investment that turned every $100…into $86,900 during the uranium boom of the 2000s.

Even Apple hasn’t produced gains that big.

And that’s the start. In total, it is estimated that Casey has invested in over 1,000 companies, including a nickel that gave him a confirmed 64,000%.

But still more interesting are the many predictions Casey has made over the years…

  • He was one of the first investors to spot the huge opportunities in cell phones and digital currency.
  • He predicted the massive booms in silver and gold of the early 2000s (also uncovering 3 and 4 digit gains there).
  • He even called the election for President Trump well before Trump as early as April 2016.

But a recent series of shocking and controversial predictions from Casey may well be the biggest of his career.

They come from a new project Casey is calling a “vital guide and roadmap for surviving – and profiting – in modern America.”

This new project – only accessible here – covers everything from immigration…to political correctness (which he calls a “tsunami of raw sewage”)…to where the next stock millionaires will be made (it’s not going to be in digital currencies)…

…to a secret that could affect your money, your lifestyle, and this country in ways few could have guessed…

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