18 Amazing Products That Make The Perfect Gift

At some point in your life you absolutely had no clue on what to give as a birthday gift because finding the perfect present for someone is not as easy as it sounds! What do you get for the person who already has just about everything? Or the person who is hard to please? Our team at Easy Living Club put together a list of 18 gift ideas most people will love! Make your gift hunting easier by clicking the links in this article to buy them. You should find something for just about everyone.

1. Dodow – Give The Gift Of A Good Night’s Sleep

This newly released gadget called Dodow could be the answer to most people that are looking for a good night’s rest. It’s completely disrupting the billion dollar sleeping pill industry in America. Instead of taking harmful and toxic pills to try and fall asleep (that often have you feeling groggy the next morning), millions of Americans are now turning to DodowThis little device got everyone talking. Even some of the brightest and busiest minds in Silicon Valley are using it to relax and clear their minds so they can fall asleep faster and sleep better. Not only does it help you fall asleep quicker, but it also improves the actual quality of your sleep so that you wake up completely refreshed and ready to start the day! 

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2. XY Find It – The Gift Of Finding Valuable Belongings

We all know that one friend that keeps misplacing things. But when you attach this coin-size tracking device to an item and lose the item, you have a 20,000-times chance of getting it back! The accompanying app enlists the network of 20,000 XY Find It users to locate your lost bag, bike or dog. You can also track your lost wallet (or whatever) yourself. The XY Find It app displays how far you are from your keys or purse you dropped, and it will sound the alarm to help you pinpoint its exact location. If you realize you left your bag in another location, all other XY Find It users in the network are notified, and when one passes your missing article, you’ll get an update sent to your phone. What if you can’t find your phone? Use XY Find It to ring it, even if it’s on silent mode, and you’ll find your phone fast. 

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3. Fixd – The Gift of A Working Car

Everyone loves to pretend to know all about cars, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a little help now and then. Have you ever gone to an auto repair shop for an oil change, only to have the mechanic say you need a new transmission? Or has the mysterious “check engine” light come on, and next thing you know the mechanic has a list of expensive engine parts that need replacing? Unfortunately, mechanics know taking advantage of people is easy, given their lack of knowledge about car maintenance needs.

But there’s a new device you can carry with you in your car to tell you exactly what’s wrong with it. If you own a car built after 1996 then you can use this brilliant new device called Fixd to instantly diagnose any car problems. This means the next time your “Check Engine Light” happens to come on, you’ll know exactly what the issue is and the Mechanics won’t be able to lie to you! Your dad will be able to use the Fixd device to make sure he gets a good deal on repairs.

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4. CircaCharge –  Charge Your Smartphone with No Wires Attached in Your Car

Wireless charging is the latest tech keeping us the cutting edge of smart technology. Once set up, it boasts building a smart environment that will keep you fully charged! Everyone has a smartphone, but not everyone uses the newest and best easy-to-use wireless charging. CircaCharge can be installed anywhere: car, nightstand, office desk etc. 

Charging without wires is handy, and if you’ve ever suffered the curse of the busted charging cable – where the cable end frays from overuse – you’ll appreciate the increased longevity you’ll get from having a static charger pad instead of pulling cables in and out every day.

CircaCharge is very simple to use. Simply drop your phone into the cradle and it instantly charges. Works with all new Samsung and Apple phones.

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5. Peeps – The Gift of Cleaner Glasses

Chances are your family and friend are glasses wearers and are probably annoyed with having to clean them all the time. The Peeps eyeglass cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses. Peeps uses a unique invisible carbon cleaning compound to safely and easily clean your glasses from oily fingerprint smudges to dust and facial oils. The Peeps glasses cleaner is the safest and most tested lens cleaning technology in the world. In fact, the technology is literally out of this world – being the only cleaners on the Space Station used for lens cleaning by NASA. It’s easy to use, compact and never expires! The perfect size eye wear cleaner to take with you – it measures approximately 4x1x1 inches and is available in 7 different colors!

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6. BakBlade – The Gift Of Quick, Smooth and PAIN-FREE Shave 

None of us like having back hair. It’s embarrassing at the gym or at the pool, and also more than 70% of woman find it a major turn-off! When using this new device, Back hair or any body hair will fall off like magic without using cream or foam! 

Other back hair removal solutions are ineffective. It’s not easy to reach your entire back, so razors, shavers, and creams have proven to be time-consuming and almost never gave you the clean shave you were looking for. We don’t have to mention the painful process of waxing, or the expensive laser hair removal…The BAKBLADE© 2.0 is extremely easy to use and feels more like a backscratcher, not a razor. From now on, you won’t leave hairy patches behind!

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7. NightSight Driving Glasses – The Gift of Night Vision

Did you know that the vast majority of car accidents happen at night and right before dawn? The risks of accidents are multiplied by eight in the dark, because most of the time the driver isn’t able to see properly on the road. A lot of that has to do with glare and the problems with vision many people experience. Maybe that’s the reason these driving glasses are selling by the truckload.

Your depth perception, ability to distinguish color, and peripheral vision are all worse in low-light conditions. NightGuide HD Driving glasses are lightweight and have polarized lenses that will reduce night driving glare and eye strain, and it will dramatically improve color, clarity and definition when driving at night..

Unlike clip-ons it protects your eyes from all sides, and you can just slide it over your existing prescription lenses. Whether driving, reading or golfing, these versatile goggles make seeing a whole new experience, and is the perfect gift for dad.

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 8. SelfieDrone – The Gift Of Perfect Memories

Drone fever is catching all people at all ages. If you’re looking for extreme fun for you and your family, without breaking the bank, you’re going to fly high with this gadget! Finally, a drone that’s the size of your hand and fits in any pocket! SelfieDrone7s it’s a fantastic foldable quadcopter that you will love at first sight!! The best part is that this innovative pocket drone lets you take great pictures with all your friends without someone holding the camera!

SelfieDrone7s has a built-in G sensor that allows your small pocket drone to automatically follow your smartphone. This amazing pocket-sized drone has WIFI to connect to your phone so you can have a real-time view of what your drone sees, making it easy to take photos and record videos.

There is also no need for an extra memory card as the SelfieDrone7s saves all photos and videos directly to your phone!

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9. TC1200 Flashlights – The Gift of A Powerful Flashlight

You might be thinking that your dad already has a flashlight and that a strong flashlight isn’t something you’d think would make a good gift idea. But this specific flashlight isn’t just your run of the mill ordinary flashlight. The perfect flashlight for emergency situations is the TC1200 Flashlight. This was built to withstand anything! Do you think that the U.S. Navy Seals and the U.S. Coast Guard rely on the kind of flashlight you have? 

The TC1200 Flashlight uses military-grade LED technology that can illuminate a field or blanket a work area with 800 lumens of light. It can also blind an attacker. The skin is tough aircraft-grade-aluminum. Throw it, drive over it—it’ll still work. Drop it in six feet of water—it’ll still work. This tough gadget is also versatile. It comes with a strobe setting if you are stranded and need to signal for help, and you can zoom and focus its LED beam to see far, far away. 3 AAA batteries give it 1,000 hours of life. That makes it ideal for reliable, abundant light during a prolonged natural disaster or emergency…and for lots of everyday uses. This is standard gear if you want to be prepared for anything. They even have a father’s day special sale going on right now!

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10. ViZR – Turn A Smartphone Into A Heads Up Display

Get your dad into the future with this new gadget! This brilliant device turns your smartphone into a heads up display for your car. It’s called VIZR – and although it was only just released, it’s taken the Internet by storm. All you have to do is take it out of the box and place it on your dash, place your smartphone on top of it and let it do all the navigating while you drive. 

It’s a transparent display that works in any weather, day or night. It also fits any smartphone no matter the size, and it’s slip resistant. Best of all, there are multiple apps available that you can install on your smartphones and see traffic conditions, a speedometer, street maps & much more. You can use it in any car – it has an ultra-grip mat that leaves no residue on the dash. ViZR is not just another clever car gadget, it’s the future of driving! Navigating while you drive just got more convenient, safer and a whole lot cooler!

We can see this being one of the most purchased gifts this year, so check it out while it’s still available.

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11. Raptor VR –  Unlock Virtual Reality From Your Pocket

While young people may be among the first to adopt virtual reality, researchers and startups see it as a technology that can benefit people of all ages. The internet is filled with FREE VR apps, videos, games you can play from your phone. And paired with the right VR headset, you are ready to be completely immersed in a virtual reality wonderland.

Raptor VR is compatible with any smartphone with screen sizes between 4.7” to 6.0”. Side air-vents allow you access to charge and use your smartphone at the same time and connect your favorite headphones for a totally immersive VR experience. Raptor VR has a premium soft leather cushions, flexible, adjustable straps that are engineered to fully customize peripheral and focal depth for all-day comfort. High definition optical resin lenses with 8-layer nano-coatings allow for complete immersive focus for 1080p 3D VR adventures.

Raptor VR also has a Bluetooth gamepad controller that will not only work with your smartphone in VR mode for engaging gaming action, but you can also utilize it outside VR. Acting as a universal remote for your phone, you can control your music and video players, camera, and phone functions wirelessly.

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12. KeySmart – Never Lose Your Keys Again

With KeySmart now people can turn their bulky, jingling, leg-poking key ring into a compact, comfortable and quiet key organizer! This futuristic durable key holder can hold up to 14 keys! Its Patented Symmetrical ‘S’ Design consists of two 3mm thick aluminum plates which make it super lightweight.

Plus, people can personalize their KeySmart by choosing from multiple colors (free of charge) and for a few dollars more, they can include accessories like Bottle Opener, Nano Light, USBs – turning that boring, annoying key ring into a handy, multipurpose tool!

You don’t have to worry about your car key because each KeySmart comes with a free loop piece to attach it next to your other keys. KeySmart is all about keeping things clean, organized, and in a modern fashion.

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13. ScreenKlean – New Technology For Crystal Clear Screens

High-end electronics have gotten better and better over the years – and more expensive! Doesn’t it make sense that what we use to clean them gets better too?! Unlike typical screen cleaners that mostly smear and smudge, ScreenKlean has a patented Carbon Molecular Cleaning Technology that attracts, grabs, and removes dirt, oils & fingerprints.

ScreenKlean works on all screens – your smartphones, computers, tablets, TV screens and more! Unlike micro-cloths that can scratch, the ultra-soft carbon molecular pads are 100% safe to use and each pad will clean your screens 100’s of times! One wipe with ScreenKlean and your HD screens will look crystal clear spotless after every clean!

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14. ChakraSole – Massage Your Way To Better Health 

You no longer have to pay for expensive full body messages! With Chakra Soles you can now experience a reflexology treatment wherever you go! Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an ancient practice that originated from China, but has been proven as an effective complementary therapy method for many people suffering from pain since as early as the 1930s!

Each Chakra Sole has 400 accupoints that link with different parts of your body, and by stimulating precise points, you can relieve overall body pain, improve blood circulation, and boost endurance. Chakra Soles are a cut-to-fit insoles, which means that they fit all sizes for both men and women!

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15. Use An AccuPoint Device To Help Relieve Pain

It’s hard to feel young when you’re in constant pain. Whether it’s back pain, neck pain, knee pain, needing to take medication isn’t always the best solution. Especially since pain medication can be hard on your body and liver. For that reason many Americans are now purchasing a new device called Accupoint which is designed to reduce pain in the lower back, arms, and legs. AccuPoint is a new, innovative device that is durable, lightweight, wireless, and powerful.

AccuPoint technology is intended to block the pain signal that you feel and increase endorphins to help give you lasting relief. This drug-free alternative allows you quick and easy therapy at home, at work, or on the go. The AccuPoint Pain Relief Pad can be used virtually anywhere at any time. Simply turn it on, adjust the comfort level, and let the pain melt away like never before!

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16. Doc Socks – The Gift of Healthy Feet and Improved Blood Flow

Compression gear is not only for elderly or athletes.  In fact, millions of Americans experience foot pain every day and that’s way a vast majority of them are starting to use compression socks. Doc Socks will improve your blood flow, will reduce swelling in your legs and can prevent other circulation problems.

Designed by a Podiatrist, the compression socks naturally elevate the arch of the foot and create support for the plantar fascia connective tissue. Doc Socks creates permeability and structural compression for hiking, running, sports activities, gym, walking, standing; leaving you feeling fatigue free all day long. You can wear them with or without regular socks by slipping them on as you would with your normal sock!

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17. LadyCare – The Gift of Menopause Relief

This gadget is specifically for women who are experiencing menopause symptoms. LadyCare is a small medical device that comfortably and discreetly clips onto your underwear using powerful magnets. It targets the root cause of menopause using Static Magnetic Therapy to rebalance your hormones and parts of the nervous system that are thought to control the symptoms of menopause. It’s a safe, drug-free way to reduce the symptoms of menopause with no negative side effects!

In a rigorous clinical study, LadyCare was proven to safely relieve over 20 menopause symptoms (including hot flashes, fatigue, night sweats, bloating, mood swings, memory lapses!)

Over 300,000 women are already using it WITHOUT side effects and reported many life-changing benefits after using LadyCare continuously for 3 months.

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18. 1HYDRO – Save Money On Bottled Water

Do you know that bottled water may be hurting yours and your kids health? A new study suggests plastic bottles release small amounts of chemicals over time that can cause nausea or dizziness. 1Hydro is BPA Free and because it filters 99.9% of the bacteria it can prevent possible diseases and it will provide you fresh, clean, great tasting drinking water – wherever and whenever you need it. You can fill  1HYDRO Bottle from any sink, drinking fountain or freshwater. This portable and convenient water bottle has 650ml capacity and it has an integrated bottle-cap compass. It also has a sleek wristband so that you’ll never lose it. 

The 1HYDRO Bottle Filtration System is selling for 75% off the normal price! So it’s a good time to get them at the discounted price and save thousands of dollars a year!

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